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Electrical Plug Connector

NSN 5935-00-500-9142 | NIIN 00-500-9142
NSN 5935-00-500-9142 NSN: 5935-00-500-9142

Features and Characteristics

Thread Class
2A and 2B
Thread Direction
Right-hand and right-hand
Body Style
Angle shape, w/o cable clamp
Overall Diameter
1.250 inches
Body Angle In Deg
Environmental Protection
Moisture proof and salt water resistant and vibration proof and shock resistant and cold resistant and heat resistant and explosion proof
Threaded Device Type
Back shell and coupling facility
Mating End Quantity
Contact Position Arrangement Style
16S-6 single mating end
Contact Removability
Nonremovable single mating end single contact grouping
Contact Maximum Current Rating In Amps
22.0 single mating end single contact grouping
Contact Maximum Ac Voltage Rating In Volts
500.0 single mating end single contact grouping
Contact Maximum Dc Voltage Rating In Volts
700.0 single mating end single contact grouping
Polarization Method
Key way or multiple key way
Insert Position In Deg
Shell Type
Connector Locking Method
Internally threaded coupling ring
Distance From Centerline To Connector End
2.124 inches
Distance From Centerline To Cable End
1.188 inches
Thread Length
0.375 inches
Operating Tempurature Rating
Between -55.0 degrees Celsius and 125.0 degrees Celsius
Features Provided
Pre-tinned terminal
Thready Qty Per Inch (tpi)
20 and 20
Thread Size
0.875 inches and 1.000 inches
Terminal Location
Back single mating end single contact grouping
Contact Material
Copper alloy single mating end single contact grouping
Contact Surface Treatment
Gold single mating end single contact grouping and nickel single mating end single contact grouping
Insert Material
Rubber single mating end
Contact Surface Treatment Specification
MIL-G-45204, type 1, grade b military specification 1ST treatment response single mating end single contact grouping and QQ-N-290, cl 1, grade b federal specification 2ND treatment response single mating end single contact grouping
Terminal Type
Solder well single mating end single contact grouping
Shell Material
Aluminum alloy
Shell Surface Treatment
Cadmium and chromate
Shell Surface Treatment Specification
QQ-P-416, type 2, cl 3 federal specification all treatment responses
Included Contact Quantity
3 single mating end single contact grouping
Included Contact Type
Round pin single mating end single contact grouping
Precious Material And Location
Contact surfaces gold
Precious Material And Weight
0.003 gold grains, troy
Precious Material
Test Data Document
81349-MIL-C-5015 specification (includes engineering type bulletins, brochures, etc., that reflect specification type data in specification format; excludes commercial catalogs, industry directories, and similar trade publications, reflecting general type data on certain environmental and performance requirements and test conditions that are shown as "typical", "average", "", etc.).
Thread Series Designator
Unef and unef
Specification Data
96906-MS3108 government standard
5935 Electrical Connectors

Manufacturer Part Numbers

Alternate part numbers that match this National Stock Number
Part Number
Part Number:
Cage Code:
Part Number:
Cage Code:

Foreign Trade & Schedule B

What is a Schedule B number? Find more information at help.cbp.gov
  • Schedule B Number: 8536695050
  • NAICS: 335931
  • SITC: 77258
  • Description: Electrical plugs & sockets, for a voltage not exceeding 1,000 v, nesoi
  • End Use (Code 20005):
    Electric apparatus

Q & A

Frequently asked questions for NSN 5935-00-500-9142
What are the manufacturers of nsn 5935005009142?
Does this nsn 5935005009142 have a shelf life?
No. This NSN does not have an applicable shelf life.
What is the formal definition of nsn 5935005009142
An electrical fitting with electrical contacts, constructed to be affixed to the end of a cable, conduit, coaxial line, cord or wiring for convenience in joining with other electrical connector(s) or printed wiring board and is not designed to be mounted on a bulkhead, chasses, panel, printed wiring board, or the like. excludes jack, telephone; jack, tip; plug, telephone; plug tip; insert, electrical connector; connector body (as modified); and socket, plug-in, electronic components. see also lead assembly, electrical; wiring harness (as modified); and cable assembly (as modified). for items without inserts, see shell, electrical connector.
Does nsn 5935005009142 contain any precious metals?
Item contains gold.
Does nsn 5935005009142 contain any hazardous materials?
No information in HMIRS. Hazardous material unknown.
What is the ESD classification of nsn 5935005009142?
No known electrostatic discharge.

Identification Group

Item Identification Guide (IIG) and Item Name Code (INC)
App. Key
Cond. Code
App. Key:
Cond. Code:

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