Hardware and Abrasives National Stock Numbers

Rings Shims And Spacers Bushings

externally threaded rings; keyed and serrated lock rings; dee rings; instrument retaining rings; shim sets and assortments; plate spacers; ring spacers; sleeve spacers; stepped spacers; spacer sets and assortments; sleeve bushings; machine threaded bushings; machine threaded plugs.

Coil; Flat; Leaf; And Wire Springs

compression springs; torsion springs; leaf spring assemblies; flat springs; extension springs.

Knobs And Pointers

knobs, including calibrated knobs; dials, scale.

Abrasive Materials

cloth; papers; powders; abrasive polishing compounds; metal finishing abrasives; industrial diamonds; diamond dust; rouge.

Abrasive Disks And Stones

abrasive belts and belting; hones; abrasive wheels, multiapplication.

Weapon System Hardware

adapters; anchor plates and straps; anodes; bellows; couplings; control rods; access doors; fairleads; mounts; tie rods; yokes.

Commercial Hardware

access covers; bumpers; casters; cabinet and door hardware; clevises; hinges; latches; straps and strapping; turnbuckles; webbed straps.

Metal Screening

insect screening; industrial metal cloth; industrial metal mesh.

Packing And Gasket Materials

general purpose oil grease, air, liquid, gas, and chemical seals; oakum; prefabricated gaskets and seals designed for a single specific application.

Fastening Devices

eyelets; grommets; aircraft cowling fasteners; textile fasteners; retaining rings; threaded inserts.

Pins Machine Keys Nails

dowel pins, split pins; spikes; tacks; nonoffice type staples; machine keys; brads; shouldered pins; cotter pins; nails.

Nuts And Washers

locknuts; eye nuts; plain nuts; castellated nuts; wing nuts; plate nuts; push on nuts; concave and convex washers; flat washers; keyed washers; lock washers; shouldered washers; split washers.