Engines, Turbines, and Component National Stock Numbers

Miscellaneous Engines And Components

wind and compressed air engines.

Rocket Engines And Components

rocket prime movers, liquid type, including liquid jet assisted take off (jato) units, for use in aircraft, rockets, and guided missiles; liquid propellants encased in consumable containers, intended for insertion into missile propulsion systems as integral parts.

Jet Engines And Components

compressor and turbine rotors; blades; combustion chamber; accessory gear box; afterburner; exhaust cone; reservoirs, hydraulic; tank, oil.

And Components Jet Engines Gas Turbines

airflow deflectors; combustion chambers, compressors, turbines, accessory gear boxes and their components.

Steam Turbines And Components

mercury vapor turbines.

Diesel Engines And Components

automotive, industrial, marine, locomotive, and all other types of diesel and semi-diesel engines.

And Components Aircraft Prime Mover Gasoline Reciprocating Engines

complete engine assemblies; piston rings; cylinders; pistons; camshafts; crankshafts.

Gasoline Reciprocating Engines

gas reciprocating engines; all gasoline reciprocating engines except aircraft prime moving.